JUJY Brightening & Moisturizing Mask (5 pieces/box)|JUJY Facial Beauty Device use

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Brand: JUJY


JUJY moisturizing and rejuvenating hydrating mask - contains the whitening factor,
Decompose and reduce pigments, lighten spots, and improve skin brightness

How to use: 
1. After using the JUJY milk light device for 24 hours, open the outer packaging of the mask, take out the mask and unfold it, apply it externally to the skin that has just been exposed to phototherapy, and leave it on for about 15 minutes.
2. If you have special skin conditions, please follow your doctor’s advice for specific usage.

5 pieces per box
Weight: about 25g/piece
Packaging size: 105*155*30mm

Authorized goods

Not applicable:
1) It is forbidden for those who are allergic to any ingredients of this product.
2) It is forbidden for children, pregnant women and lactating women.
3) People with acne combined with severe infection and pustules should not use it until the inflammation is effectively controlled.

1. This product rarely causes allergic reactions. Once allergic reactions occur, you should stop using this product.
2. Single use, please do not reuse.
3. Do not use if the outer packaging is damaged.
4. Please read the instructions carefully before use, and please use this product within the validity period.
5. If any discomfort occurs during use, this product should be discontinued. Seek medical attention immediately and inform Hong Kong Marketing Agent.
6. If used together with other medical devices, treatments or drugs, please consult a professional doctor.
7. Do not place it where children can reach it.

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