JUJY Anti-Aging Facial Mask Instrument PRO | Come with Moisturizing Mask | Acne and oil control | Whitening | Freckle removal | Sensitive skin repair | Collagen replenishment

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Brand: JUJY


  • Newly upgraded PRO version of the six-level cinema skin beauty light 
  • Specially developed three major skin beauty modes 
  • Added blue light + yellow light, more comprehensive skin beautification
  • Used with the JUJY moisturizing mask,  canbe double whitening consolidation effect
  • Multiple safety verifications, ensure safe

Main material: ABS, liquid silicone, solid silicone

Product net weight: 152g (Micron machine), 85g (controller)
Product size: 302*196*3.3mm

Charging method: Type-C
Charging time: 5-6h
Battery life: about 40 minutes

Set accessories: Micron PRO*1, controller*1, shading eye mask*2, moisturizing and rejuvenating water mask*1 box (5 pieces), adjustable straps*2, storage bag*1, instruction manual*1, Type- C charging cable*1
Micron machine connection cable length: 80cm

[Mode button description]
1. Turn on and off the machine
·Power on: Press and hold the power/mode button for about 2 seconds to turn on the power.
·Shutdown: Press and hold the power/mode button for about 2 seconds to turn off the power.
·Automatic shutdown: Micron PRO is equipped with a 10-minute automatic shutdown.
2.Mode switching
There are 3 modes in total: Repair mode, Brighten mode, and Clear acne mode.
When you first use the Micron PRO, you will enter the Repair mode by default when you turn it on, and it will enter the last-use memory mode by default when you turn it on for subsequent uses.
3. Charging reminder
·Charging status: The mode indicator light flashes white in sequence from bottom to top.
·Fully charged state: 3 mode indicators light up in white.
·Low battery status: 3 mode indicators flash quickly 5 times and then automatically shut down.

1. Before use, please clean your face and wipe away excess water to keep it dry.
2. Please fully charge the controller before using it for the first time, then insert the Micron PRO control cable into the Type-C interface of the controller, and connect the Micron PRO and the controller together. (*When low battery is displayed, the controller should be charged in time.)
3. Install the eye mask on the Micron PRO. Note that the raised part of the eye mask should be installed outside the Micron PRO.
4. Connect the adjustable straps to the Meguiar Machine PRO, then cover the Meguiar Machine PRO on your face, adjust the length of the strap to your suitable girth and secure it.
5. Press and hold the power/mode button for about 2 seconds to turn on the power. The first time you use the Micron PRO, it will enter the Repair mode by default. Subsequent uses will default to the last used memory mode. Short press the power/mode button to switch to the mode that suits you and start phototherapy treatment.
6. The Meguiar Machine PRO will automatically shut down after 10 minutes. Different modes can be used in combination. To avoid excessive care that damages the skin barrier, each use time should not exceed 30 minutes.
7. After the treatment, take off the beauty machine PRO. It is recommended to use soothing and hydrating skin care products to calm and repair the skin. It is recommended to use JUJY moisturizing and rejuvenating hydrating mask for about 15 minutes after 24 hours to double the whitening, brightening and rejuvenating skin.
8. It is recommended to use the beauty machine PRO 2-3 times a week for facial care. The interval between two uses should be at least 48 hours. You can also adjust the frequency of use according to your skin condition.
9. After the treatment, please gently wipe the surface/inner layer of the mask meter with a clean cloth, then place it in a ventilated place to air dry (do not dry at high temperature), and finally store it in a storage bag.

Authorized goods
Warranty Period : 1 Years

1. Before using the Micron PRO for the first time, please perform a light sensitivity test. Place the Micron PRO on your arm, turn on the power and illuminate it for 10 minutes. If other uncomfortable symptoms such as itching or burning occur, please stop using it immediately.
2. Before use, please clean your face and wipe off excess water to keep it dry. Otherwise, it may damage the beauty machine PRO and affect the skin care effect. If you wear makeup, please remove it first and keep your face clean and dry to prevent skin damage caused by the photosensitive ingredients contained in some cosmetics.
3. Please install the shading eye mask before use, wear the Meguiar Machine PRO and then turn on the power to illuminate the face.
4. If you experience burning or other discomfort during use, please stop using it immediately.
5. It is normal for the Micron PRO to heat up slightly during use. If the Micron PRO overheats, you should stop using it immediately.
6. Please pay attention to hydration and sun protection when using the Meguiar Machine PRO.
7. The skin may become red after using the Meguiar Machine PRO, which is a normal reaction of the skin. It is recommended to use soothing and hydrating skin care products to soothe redness, calm and repair the skin.
8. Please do not disassemble or modify the Micron PRO. It is strictly prohibited to use it when the power cord is damaged, otherwise it may cause electric shock, fire and product damage.
9. Please do not fold, fold or curl the Micron Machine PRO. After cleaning and air-drying the Micron Machine PRO, it should be stored flat in a storage bag.
10. Do not apply facial masks (including patch masks and smear masks) on the face when using the Meguiar Machine PRO phototherapy, so as not to affect the skin care effect. Moreover, silica gel has strong adsorption properties. If you apply a mask while using the Meguiar Machine PRO light therapy for a long time, there may be a risk of skin care products infiltrating into it.
11. Do not turn on or use the Micron PRO in a space with moisture or near a vessel filled with water.
12. Do not expose Micron PRO to rain or moisture.
13. Please keep the Micron PRO in a safe place out of the reach of infants and young children to prevent accidents.
14. If minors use Micron PRO, please operate it under adult guidance.
15. This product is not a medical device and is limited to cosmetic use.
16. Please keep away from fire sources and high temperatures.
17. Including but not limited to prohibition in any of the following situations:
·It is prohibited for people allergic to liquid silicone and solid silicone.
·It is forbidden for patients with chloasma and skin diseases.
·Contraindicated for people who are photosensitive or who are taking any drugs that may cause photosensitivity.
·Contraindicated for people preparing for pregnancy, pregnant women, lactating women, and infants and young children.
·It is prohibited to use if the facial skin is damaged or ulcerated.
·Do not use if there are open wounds on the skin.

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