JUJY Scalp Nourishing Lotion 50ml |Exclusive use for JUJY LLLT Light Therapy Double-Comb Hair Growth Comb PRO

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Brand: JUJY


Efficacy: Pure natural plant ingredients are non-irritating, effectively improve hair loss and increase hair volume.
Features: The essence feels light and smooth on the skin, intensively releases effective active ingredients when touching the skin, gently and luxuriously protects every strand of hair, and specifically improves frizzy, tangled, dry and dull hair problems, and restores luster and smoothness. hair, giving you an exquisite hair care experience.


  • Please blow dry your hair before use to keep your hair and scalp dry.
  • Choose a suitable comb head and install it on the hair extension comb. If you choose a liquid-conducting hard comb, please add an appropriate amount of JUJY Nourishing Hair Strengthening Scalp Liquid to the liquid reservoir first.
  • Open the rubber plug of the liquid storage tank, drip nutrient solution into the liquid tank until it is full but not overflowing, about 8 to 9 drops, and then close the rubber plug tightly.
  • Finally, please confirm that the nutrient solution has not spilled. If it does, please wipe it clean with a machine cloth or paper towel.

Note: If you feel any discomfort, please stop using it; please avoid infants and young children from getting it and accidentally eating it. If it accidentally gets into your eyes, please rinse with plenty of water.

Storage method: Avoid light, ventilate, and store in a dry place.

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