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Comforbot Intelligent Red Stone Full Body Gua Sha Board PRO|Slimming|Detoxification|

For face: Gently move the gua sha board along the contour of the face, massage and help lift the fac..

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Dr.Parent Wireless Vibration Joint Physiotherapy Massager I Full-coverage hot compress massage

360°circling hot compress heat penetrates deeply into the joints, evenly penetrates the muscles ..

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Firstery Electric Steam Soothing Eye Massager

The recyclable steam eye mask can quickly release steam in five seconds to quickly relieve dry eyes ..

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GKXK 4D Warm Magic Eye Mask - Red

        Brand: Japan GKXK4D Name: GKXK 4D Warm Magic Eye Mask Co..

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PMT Ultima Neo (TENS, EMS, IFC, Micro) Advanced Multi-Mode Stimulator

The Ultima Neo is an Advanced multi-mode electrotherapy stimulator that combines enhanced TENS, EMS,..

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breo iDream 5S - Head Massager (breo x Tonino Lamborghini Edition)

Breo x Tonino Lamborghini Co-branded Edition  iDream 5S - Head Massager The massager is c..

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breo Scalp Mini Pro - Scalp Massager ( breo x Tonino Lamborghini Edition)

Breo x Tonino Lamborghini Co-branded Edition  Scalp Mini Pro - Scalp Massager The all-new..

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Comforbot 4D Cordless Ergonomic Kneading Massager I Imitation of Human Hand Kneading | Enjoy Wirelessly

Patented 4D pinching and kneading technology, restores the opening and closing and strength of finge..

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GKXK 4D Warm Magic Eye Mask - Black

        Brand: Japan GKXK4D Name: GKXK 4D Warm Magic Eye Mas..

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