Sheibe Lactibio Rose Dark Spot Correcting Brightening Serum 55ml | Made in Japan | Brightening + Anti-Darkness + Moisturizing + Whitening

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Brand: Sheibe


  • Ice Platinum Extract Formula: Solve skin dullness caused by excess melanin
  • Japanese patented ingredient LACTIBIO®ROSE: Targets pigmentation and uneven skin tone
  • Plant ingredients selected from many countries: fight against skin free radicals, improve moisturizing, and change dullness and spots
  • Transparent collagen texture and 94% pure gold ingredient: quickly absorbed to enhance skin hydration and transparency
  • Safe patented formula: suitable for sensitive skin, non-irritating
  • Produced in Japan's top factories: ensuring product safety and high quality

Material: glass bottle + plastic head + glass dropper
Specifications: 55ml
Origin: Japan
Shelf life: 3 years (it is recommended to use it within one year after opening)

How to use:

  • Wash the entire face and use toner. Apply about 1-2 droppers to the entire face. You can increase the amount appropriately for spots with spots. There is no need to avoid the eye area when using.
  • It is recommended to use it with skin care in the morning and evening, or adjust it according to your personal skin care habits.

Authorized goods
Made in Japan


  • Please store in a dry, low-temperature, dark place
  • Please store out of reach of children
  • The product is made of all-natural ingredients. There may be slight precipitation due to storage conditions and other reasons. This is normal and not a quality issue.
  • If a large amount of pure gold factor is concentrated in the dropper head and causes a blockage, clean it with a clean disposable product such as a cotton swab/toothpick. (Generally, this phenomenon will not occur under normal use)

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