Alphax 3D Doctor Back Support Cushion AP-620006

S-shaped and 3D three-dimensional design fits the natural curve of the waist and back Use the most..

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Alphax 6-Level Sukkiri Board AP-708100

Promote blood circulation while loosening dust! It's refreshing in 1 minute just to get on!..

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Alphax Far Infrared Thumb and Wrist Support

Elastic mesh cloth protects the thumb comfortable fit material to provide effective support The in..

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Alphax Koritorun Magnetic Feet Supporter-Black(2pc) AP-429906

Use magnetic force to promote blood circulation, improve foot stiffness and blood circulation ..

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Alphax Spiral Tsuball AP-707004

Twisting! The supple twist and strong unevenness correct the kinks in the fascia and loosen the s..

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Alphax Tsuboretch Shiatsu Massage Pillow AP-621201

Relieves stiff neck Two acupressure balls to moderately massage the muscles Three-dimensional cu..

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Alphax Far-infrared Thumb Valgus Correction Strap

Developed in Japan, make use of far infrared technology to improve blood circulation and pain relief..

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