Alphax - Doctor Series Pita Skin 0.6mm Ultra-thin Foot Arch Support (1pair) [Made in Japan] | Arch Pad | Universal for left and right | AP-438403

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Brand: Alphax


Foot fatigue, flat feet, hallux valgus... Do you have these problems?
This fatigue may be caused by the soles of your feet.

Alphax Pita Skin Ultra-thin Foot Arch Support is only about 0.6mm
The perfect fit gives you unprecedented comfort.

Due to modern shoe styles, lot of people are experiencing foot problems.
Collapsed arches (flat feet) can lead to foot fatigue and poor posture.
By wearing a foot support, the arch of the foot is naturally adjusted to achieve balanced walking.

Alphax Pita Skin ultra-thin arch pads
Used heel strap deside, it help to prevent the arch pad from shifting, making it a perfect fit whether walking or running.
The cushion in the center of the sole helps adjust the arch of the foot.
Made of flexible material, it conforms to the movement of the foot and is not prone to sagging.
Naturally strengthens toe care and helps reduce the problem of thumb valgus.

Not only suitable for daily life, you will not be tired even if you exercise and travel all day long
The thickness is about 0.6mm, so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing ordinary shoes.

Applicable size: (approx.) 22.5~25.0(cm)

Made in Japan
This product is a parallel imported genuine product


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