Mirang Ms Mist Mist-Spraying Device

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Brand: Mirang


Tags:  Beauty Device


Ms Mist keeps your skin always moist anytime and anywhere, moisturizing is required!

Since the moisture is supplied in a 12μm fine particle form, it won’t drip in a form of water drop and the make-up won’t be smudged.

The superb design and portable size allow you to easily carry it all the time.


Keeps your skin moist with pure moisture
Never be contaminated with foreign substances since the spray reveals in use only.
UV sterilizing and spray cleaning features are added to keep the product cleaner.

Simple and convenient replenishing, moisturizing and carrying!

  • Turn the cap on the upper part of the product to get it open and then replenish toner or water.
  • Press the power button on the front of the product to get the spray automatically revealed to spray out for about 7 seconds.
  • Press the button on the lower part of the product to keep the spraying out more or stop running.
  • Press the button long on the lower part of the product to start the spray cleaning and UV sterilization.
  • When you finish using the product, take the spray part down until you hear the click sound to get it locked.

Made in Korea

One year warranty


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