JUJY DPL & NIR Brightening And Spot Whitening Beauty Instrument| Box come with collagen patch + moisturizing and rejuvenating hydrating mask

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Brand: JUJY


  • DPL black golden light: removes melanin, removes spots and acne marks, whitens without turning dark spots
  • NIR milk light: enhances collagen regeneration, making skin elastic and bright
  • Dual-photon technology can fade spots, suppress dark spots, remove yellowing and brighten, and smooth fine lines
  • Intelligent continuous flash with 10 shots per second, ultra-fast light output, accelerated fading and brightening
  • 3 layers of safety protection, harmful stray light filtering + intelligent temperature control + intelligent skin rejuvenation system

Model: AMISS-68108
Color: Gilt Rose
Product size: 207×67×64mm (excluding bald head), 207×67×75mm (installing 1 bald head)
Output head size: 54×52×15mm (including plug), 54×52×11mm (excluding plug)
Light emission area: 4.15cm2
Net weight: 236g (excluding bald head)

Set contents: Milk light beauty device*1, NIR brightening bald head*1, DPL lightening bald head*1, JUJY collagen patch*1 box, JUJY moisturizing and rejuvenating water mask*1 box, JUJY goggles*1 , Storage bag*1, Cleaning cloth*1, Instruction manual*1, Power cable*1, Power adapter*1

01. Before use, please remove makeup, clean skin and keep it dry.

02. Select the DPL lightening/NIR brightening head, align the protruding Type-C plug into the Type-C interface of the body, and then tighten it with your hands slightly until it fits tightly.

03. Connect the power supply, press and hold the power/shift button for about 2 seconds to turn on the phone. The first time the phone is turned on, it defaults to gear 1, and subsequent startups default to the last used memory gear. It is recommended to choose level 1 for the first time, and then gradually increase the level after establishing skin tolerance.

04. If you perform lighting care on the parts that your eyes can see directly, in order to avoid strong light irritating your eyes, please wear JUJY goggles before performing lighting care.

05. Press and hold the light key for 1 second to release the safety lock state. At this time, a flashing symbol appears on the display and lighting is started.

06. The instrument is equipped with an intelligent skin touch system. Place the light outlet vertically on the area to be cared for and close to the skin. The skin touch sensor will automatically flash the light to start care, and then keep close to the skin and slide slowly. Do not apply light to the same position continuously for more than 2 seconds, as it may cause thermal damage or burns to the skin. Please keep it close and slide slowly for care. (*Before use, please do a skin test with the instrument on the inside of your arm. It is recommended to select level 1. Place the light outlet of the instrument vertically close to the skin on the inside of your arm, and slowly slide the light from top to bottom. If there are no abnormalities after 1 hour, you can use it with confidence. this instrument.)

07. Scope of application
Face (avoid eyeballs, upper eyelids, lips, ears)
Both sides of the neck (need to avoid Adam's apple)
Body (need to avoid private parts, areola, nipples)

08. It is recommended to use it on the whole body for 15 to 20 minutes each time and on the face for about 5 minutes, 2-3 times a week.

09. It is recommended to wipe and clean the light outlet with a cleaning cloth after each use.

10. After finishing the polishing treatment, it is recommended to use JUJY collagen patch for about 15 minutes to calm, soothe and improve redness. It is recommended to use JUJY moisturizing and rejuvenating hydrating mask for about 15 minutes after 24 hours to double the whitening, brightening and rejuvenating skin.

Authorized goods
Warranty Period : 1 Years

Do not use this instrument if you:
·Have active electronic implants/devices anywhere in the body, such as pacemakers or internal defibrillators.
·Past or current cancer or potential serious illness.
·Suffering from vascular disease, such as varicose veins at the irradiated site.
·Have received radiation therapy or chemotherapy in the past three months, or have underlying skin malignancies.
·Immune system damage caused by immunodeficiency diseases such as AIDS and HIV, or use of immune-suppressing drugs.
· Use of isotretinoin (Accutane) within 6 months prior to use.
· Are using aspirin or antioxidants.
·Suffering from diseases related to light sensitivity, such as porphyria, polymorphous light eruption, solar measles, lupus, etc.
·Suffer from epilepsy.
·Suffering from skin infectious diseases.
·People under 16 years old, pregnant women, lactating women, women during menstruation, diabetes, people with fragile skin and people with light-sensitive skin.
·If you use chemical hair removal within 30 days, please use it with caution.

Do not use this instrument if the application site has the following conditions:
·Skin problem areas, such as bedsores, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, open wounds, skin lesions or skin lesions, etc.
·Have permanent implants such as metal plates and screws, silicone implants, or chemical injections.
·Skin that is traumatized or damaged.
·Recent exposure to the sun without protection (wait 1 day), and for tanned or sunburned skin (wait 3 days).
·There is a tattoo on the area that needs care.

If you have the following conditions, please consult your doctor:
·Large-area nevus, pathological chloasma, rosacea or rosacea.
·History of thermally irritated diseases, such as multiple simplex eruptions in the area of ​​application. If used, medical advice must be followed.
·Use of prescription skin medications prescribed by your doctor within the past six months.
·Skin diseases, keloids, and abnormal wound healing.
·Have recently undergone medical aesthetic care, such as picosecond/laser fractional/photorejuvenation, etc.
·Other symptoms that make using the device unsafe for you, as determined by your doctor.
·If unexpected side effects, such as skin itching, occur within 48 hours of first use, please seek medical advice before continuing use.

·A slight feeling of warmth during use is normal and will not cause any harm to the skin.
·Do not use this instrument with wet skin.
·Please install and replace any light output head when the instrument is turned off.
·Do not unplug, install or replace another optical head when the instrument has installed any optical head and is in normal power-on state.
·Please do not use it around children. This instrument will emit strong light, which may easily injure the eyes of developing children.
·Please check and clean the dirt on the light outlet regularly to avoid instrument failure and damage to the light outlet.
·Do not place the light outlet close to items that are easily degaussed (such as bank cards, ID cards, etc.) to avoid instrument failure and damage.
·Do not use this instrument with the air inlet/outlet blocked to avoid instrument failure and fire.
·Do not irradiate this instrument on clothing, hair and other items to avoid scorching, discoloration, and damage.
·Please do not use it on pets to avoid causing harm.
·If the skin becomes slightly red after use, this is normal. After using the device, it is recommended to use JUJY collagen patch to relieve skin discomfort.
·Do not use this instrument near flammable and explosive materials (including sprayers, gas stations, etc.), as this may cause fire, electric shock, injury, etc.
· Within 48 hours after using this device, please avoid direct ultraviolet rays on the skin area that has been polished, and use moisturizing and sunscreen.
·Do not expose the instrument to sunlight or UV light for a long time to avoid serious damage to the instrument.
·Do not use this instrument in a space with moisture or near a vessel filled with water.
·Please use the power cable and power adapter provided with this instrument. Do not use other cables and adapters to avoid damage to the instrument.
·Do not use other Type-C cables to plug into the Type-C optical head interface of the instrument.

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