JUJY 8℃ Sapphire Freezing Point Full Body Painless Home Hair Removal Device PRO | Comes with Aloe Vera Gel in the box

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Brand: JUJY


  • Sapphire freezing point hair removal is comfortable and painless throughout the process 
  • Dual beauty hair removal + skin rejuvenation 
  • Upgraded to 20J high energy 
  • 9S/flash intelligent rapid and continuous lighting

Hair removal technology: IPL intense pulsed light hair removal
Light wave band: 600nm-1200nm
Comes with skin beauty wavelength: 600nm
Freezing point technology: sapphire freezing point
Freezing point temperature: 8℃
Skin rejuvenation lamp beads wavelength: 630nm
Skin rejuvenation lamp beads: 10 pcs
Light emission area: 3 cm2

Adapter rated voltage/current: 100-240V~50/60Hz 1.5A (adapter)
Adapter rated power: 48.0W
Power cord length: 180cm

Product size: about 179*61*35mm
Net weight: about 275g

Accessories: Hair removal device PRO*1, aloe vera gel*1, goggles*1, shaver*1, machine cleaning cloth*1, storage bag*1, power adapter*1, instruction manual*1, usage card*1

【Preparation before use】

  • First wet or apply foam to the skin of the area that needs hair removal (note: dry shaving is prohibited), and then use a JUJY shaver to shave off the hair.
  • Please clean your skin after shaving to ensure that there are no excess hair residues on the skin, and no skin care products or oily substances remain on the skin. Please confirm that the skin is in good condition and there are no wounds or other abnormalities. It is recommended to dry off the water after bathing, do not apply any skin care products or gel, and then perform hair removal and polishing.
  • Please confirm that there is no dust, hair or other dirt remaining on the light outlet, and there is no damage or abnormality. If there is dirt, be sure to clean it to avoid product failure, deterioration and skin problems.

【Skin irradiation test】

  • If this is the first time you use the Hair Removal Device PRO or you have recently performed tanning, you should conduct a skin test on each area to be hair removed. Skin testing is necessary to check whether the skin is responding to light and to determine the correct light energy settings for each body part. Please start testing from the lowest setting to avoid irritating the skin with high settings.
  • Choose a spot on the area to be epilated and do not try to use the product on difficult or sensitive areas (ankles or bones).
  • After powering on, it enters manual single-flash mode by default and adjusts the gear to 1st gear.
  • Place the light outlet vertically close to the skin and lightly press the light button to light.
  • Starting from the 1st gear, gradually increase the gears, and each gear emits a flash. Then slide the light outlet close to the skin to the next test site and repeat this operation.
  • 2 hours after the skin test is completed, check the skin condition again. If there is no redness, burning pain, redness or swelling at the test site, you can use this product with confidence. If you have any of the above abnormalities, please use aloe vera gel to soothe it. If it is severe, please seek medical attention as soon as possible.

【Hair removal operation】

  • The attached JUJY goggles must be worn during operation to avoid eye damage from the flash.
  • Connect the power supply, press and hold the power/shift button for 1.5 seconds to turn on the phone, and it will enter the manual single flash mode by default. If you need to select the smart continuous flash mode, please press and hold the light button for about 1.5 seconds to switch to the smart continuous flash mode.
  • For first-time use, it is recommended to start from gear 1 and tap the power/gear button to switch gears.
  • Place the epilator PRO vertically on the skin so that the light outlet is in close contact with the skin. Press the light button lightly to illuminate, and then slide the light outlet close to the skin to the next area to be epilated.
  • Notice:
  • After starting the hair removal operation, the light will not emit light when the light outlet is not in contact with the skin.
  • It is enough to light the same part 1-2 times. Do not light the same part repeatedly.
  • After the hair removal operation is completed, apply an appropriate amount of JUJY aloe vera gel evenly to the skin after hair removal to soothe and moisturize it, and massage until absorbed.

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