Ensure Guard Bed and Linen Guard Pocket Fogger set (with 100ml Bed & Linen Guard Refill) | Natural ingredients | Alcohol-free | Suitable for baby, child, sensitive skin and pets

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Brand: Ensure Guard


Bed & Linen Guard series is proven can eradicate ≥99.99% germs & bacteria also able to kill dust mite and bed louse with 30+ days lasting effect. 
The natural ingredients is safe and not contains alcohol or dermal irritants. 
It is suitable for different people including babies, elderly and pets. 
By using with Pocket Fogger that able to perform continuous fogging over large surface areas within a short period of time.

Natural ingredients
Alcohol free
Use for Home & Bedding
Suitable for baby, child, sensitive skin and pets
Kill bed louse and dust mites
Effectively kills ≥99.99% of germs
30+ days lasting function
No oral toxicity
No inhalation toxicity
No skin irritation
Quickly disinfect in 10 seconds
Lasting ability is not affected by liquid soap, detergent or alcohol

Suitable for all kinds of bedding, mattresses, pillows, cushions, sofas, curtains, carpets...etc.

Pocket Fogger Specifications
Dimensions: (width) 40mm x (height) 155mm
Voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Capacity: 30ml

Note: If water droplets are found in the water tank when used for the first time, it is due to inspection before leaving the factory.


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Warranty Period : 6 months


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