Comforbot (HZJ-03) Nail Health Dual Finger Quick Effect Sterile Laser Device PRO | Physical therapy | Drug-free | No dependence

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Brand: Comforbot


Larger irradiation area | Longer wavelength | Two-finger use | Integrated disinfection and charging

Faster results: multi-finger treatment + prevention at the same time, double the efficiency
Wider area: 4+1 upgraded laser beads, deep sterilization, and complete repair
Portable design: unique small slipper shape, half-button design, suitable for fingers and toes
Sterilization charging: the first in the industry, UVC sterilization + wireless charging, more secure to use
Intelligent operation: one touch, automatic 7-minute rapid treatment, user friendly

Product principle:
Utilizing the principle of laser photothermal, combined with 980nm infrared cold laser phototherapy and 470nm blue light sterilization and disinfection, it produces a synergistic effect.
Directly targeting the infected nails or toenails of the infected person, the laser penetrates deep into the inner layer of the toenail and nail bed to generate heat and destroy the fungal infected tissue; at the same time, it accelerates the speed of the nail bed, stimulates the growth of the nail bed, and removes bacteria at a faster speed, and Will not cause grooves or damage nails.
There are few other methods that provide equally good results. Non-drug use without any dependence.

Product model: HZJ-03
Material: ABS
Rated power: 2.5W
Laser wavelength: 980nm
Blue light wavelength: 470nm
Rated voltage::5V
Rated input: 0.5A
Charging box battery capacity: 900mAh
Host battery capacity: 50mAh*2

Net weight (including host): 107g
Charging box size: 96*64.84*41mm
Host A size: 28*18*15mm
Host B size: 28*18*19.2mm

Contents include: charging box (host A + host B), manual, Type-C charging cable

Step 1: Open the charging box and take out the main unit.
Tip: Choose the right head unit based on your nail size. One of them is larger and the other is smaller.
Step 2: Touch the on/off button, the blue light of the host will light up, and laser phototherapy will start.
Step 3: After 7 minutes, the blue light of the host computer goes out and the laser phototherapy is completed.
If you need to stop phototherapy during use, you can touch the on/off button to turn off the main unit.
Step 4: Put the host back into the charging box. The host will charge automatically. During the charging process, the orange light of the host will be on. When the charging is completed, the orange light of the host will turn off.
Step 5: Close the lid of the charging box and automatically start disinfection for 1 minute.
Step 6: Charge the charging box through the Type-C charging cable. The charging box indicator light flashes during charging and turns off when it is fully charged.
Charging box lights up blue: battery capacity 70%-100%
Charging box lights up white: battery capacity 30%-70%
The charging box lights up orange: the battery capacity is less than 30%

-Usage cycle: Each infected nail should be treated at least once a day. In severe cases of onychomycosis, it can be used 3-4 times continuously to accelerate the curative effect.

Authorized goods
Warranty Period : 1 Years


  • Please read the instructions carefully before use and use the device in compliance with the safety and operating precautions provided in this instruction manual. Keep the instructions for reference at any time.
  • Be careful to avoid direct or reflected laser light entering your eyes. Avoid looking at the laser light source for a long time.
  • Pregnant women should not use the device near the abdomen.
  • Please keep the device away from children.
  • Children under 18 years old should use it under adult supervision.
  • Patients with cancer and bleeding disorders are prohibited from using lasers.

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