SLIMWALK BeauActy Japanese Professional Leg Compression Socks| |Sweat Absorbent and Quick Dry|3D hip-up design|Made in Japan

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Brand: Slimwalk


3D hip-up design and staged pressure design,
Put on the instant beautiful legs and buttocks, and you will be full of confidence when exercising!

  • Ankle, calf, thigh three-stage pressure design, showing light and beautiful legs.
  • Can create the gap between the thighs, the visual effect is more slender and beautiful.
  • The hip line can also be lifted up!
  • Thigh taping and pelvic support allow for smoother foot movement.
  • Made of anti-UV/sweat-absorbing and quick-drying/elastic material/deodorant fiber material.


Leg Lifting Pressure Structure:
The staged pressure design gradually reduces the pressure from the ankle upwards.
Make feet lighter. Thinner and more beautiful.

Inner thigh slit
Create a gap between the thighs, the visual effect is more slender and beautiful.

3D hip design
Lift up the buttocks

Dual Move-Up Design
Pelvic support and thigh taping make the waist more stable and the feet move more smoothly.

Comfortable material for active wear
Made of anti-UV/sweat-absorbing and quick-drying/elastic material/deodorizing fiber material

[How to choose size]
*S-M Size
Height: 145-160cm
Hips: 80-93cm
Thigh circumference: 45-53cm
Calf: 32-38cm
Ankle: 19-23cm

*M-L Size
Height: 150-165cm
Hips: 85-98cm
Thigh: 50-60cm
Calf: 36-42cm
Ankle: 25-25cm
*If both sizes S-M and M-L are available, please choose the size closest to your mid-length.


  • before and after confirmation. The one with the label is the rear (hip side)
  • Pull to the ankle for proper ankle alignment.
  • Put the thumbs of both hands into the inside of the sock and pull up evenly.
  • Please pull one foot at a time. Due to the strong pressure, please lift up slowly and carefully.
  • Pull it up until there is no gap under the straddle, and then pull it evenly to the waist position.
  • Starting at the thighs, push the buttocks up and into the buttocks on the socks.
  • If there is a gap in the crotch, please take off the socks to the ankle, and then pull them up again.
  • To prevent breakage/snaking, do not scratch with fingernails or pull up in one go.

Made in Japan
Quantity/Content: 1 pair

This product is a parallel imported genuine product

Product Description This product is a style for outdoor wear, please do not use it at bedtime!!
*Any medical questions are recommended to ask a doctor before making a purchase
*The picture is for reference only, the actual product is based
*Personal products are unpacked Except for product defects, after unpacking, returns cannot be accepted

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