Mirang Cozcore Touch Me

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Brand: Mirang


Tags:  Skin Care

Cozcore Touch Me is the device that implemented electrotherapy, vibration, color therapy etc. to care the skin smoothness and elasticity.


A. Electrotherapy

  • Galvanic treatment helps exfoliation and absorption of nutrition.
  • Micro-current treatment improves wrinkles and has lifting effect.

B. Color Therapy

  • Red color therapy, energy source of skin regeneration.
  • Ms ring improves blood circulation and elasticity of dry and exhausted skin with 640nm red LED.

C. Vibration

  • Dream of youth skin becomes true when vibration activated.
  • 125-250Hz micro vibration improves blood circulation and increase energy that inflow to skin to help maintain skin elasticity. It helps skin to absorb skincare active ingredients.


  • It automatically operates without any power button. You can easily take care of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity by holding ion terminal on the side of the product and touch the massage area with ion head. It operates 3 kind of function at the same time: Vibration, Mirco-current, 660nm Red LED
  • It is applicable to every corner of your face including not just such wide areas as forehead and cheeks but such narrow areas around eyes and nose.
  1. Remove makeup with cleansing products and apply appropriate skincare products.
  2. Grab the ion terminal on the side of the product for use.
  3. Massage in round shape. Massage from bottom chin to top temples and for cheekbones from inside to outside.

Caution:Do not clean the product in water or rinse with running water. Simply wipe the ion head with cloth or cotton after use.

Made in Korea

* One year warranty



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