IRIS OHYAMA FK-W1 Double-Tubes Multi-purposes Dehumidifier

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Brand: IRIS


Tags:  Anti-Mite & Vacuum Cleaner

IRIS OHYAMA FK-W1 Double-Tubes Multi-purposes Dehumidifier

  • Warm the bed, remove moisture and remove mites
  • Dehumidifying shoes, drying clothes, heating, etc.
  • Small body, easy to store

"IRIS OHYAMA FK-W1 Double-Tubes Multi-purposes Dehumidifier" is designed with a double-pipe air outlet and has multi functions. The main purpose is to warm the quilt, dehumidify and remove mites. It can be used in all seasons. It only takes 20 minutes to be warmed and dehumidified in cold winter, making you warm and comfortable when you sleep; in summer, it can be used to remove mites! Only 2.2kg, the body is small and easy to store! In addition, FK-W1 can be used for drying shoes, dehumidifying, drying clothes, heating, etc. 
IRIS OHYAMA FK-W1 Double-Tubes Multi-purposes Dehumidifier uses a three-dimensional air outlet to create a three-dimensional space in the bedding. The high power of 760W and the large heating area increase the spread of warm air in a wider range.



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