IRIS OHYAMA Fabric Cleaning Machine RNS-300 I Dirty I Sofa I Carpet I Car Seats I Spray & Pull Easy Cleaning

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Brand: IRIS

Model: IRIS-RNS-300-WH

The dirt on fabric products such as sofas, carpets, and car seats is really difficult to clean. It takes a long time to wash with water every time, so it is rarely cleaned frequently, and the dirt that is difficult to see with the naked eye accumulates more and more.

Japanese IRIS OHYAMA launched a fabric cleaning machine, which can easily clean these fabrics. It sprays water and provides strong suction at the same time. It can be dried immediately after cleaning, no longer need to wait for a long time, and can be reused immediately!

  • It can be use for cleaning agent for carpet
  • Great for cleaning cloth products like sofas and car seats
  • Rinse dirt from carpets and powerful suction when sprayed with water
  • As refreshing as after a shower
  • Easy to spray by simply pulling the spray lever

Product specification
Effective capacity of waste water tank: 0.5L
Full tank capacity: 0.3L
Hose length: about 29mm x 1m diameter
The hot water temperature can reach about 40°C

Product size (cm): about 24.8 x14.6 x31.2
Product weight (including accessories): about 2.7kg
Power cord length: about 3m

Brand of Japan, Made in China

Authorized goods
Warranty Period : 1 Years

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