Yohome 家の逸


Brand Concept | ブランドコンセプト


Home, give us a stage,

Lead us to outline its appearance through life.


We keep asking,

The leisurely joy of home in everyone's heart.


Maybe we can find its shadow in our memory,

Of course it can also be found in the happiest family.

So we set off

To observe the world, to get close to people, to communicate with craftsmen, to make gestures with designers, to listen, and to discover.


The most real joy of home is presented through the product.

The one closest to the life we ​​ want, and the one closest to the home we want.


It is Yohome,

It forms a living space with us, allowing us to settle the impetuous and hustle and bustle, and feel the endless joy of coming from home.

Relax your body and mind, achieve a balance with your life, and use Yopin to make your dream come true.


Yohome, Yohome life.


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