Rescover Nail Fungus Treatment Revolutionary Laser Device HZJ-02|Grey Nail Treatment Device|No medicine, painless and non-invasive

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Brand: Rescover


  • Nail Fungus Treatment equipment for home use: the design is light and portable, and with the help of a portable power supply, you can comfortably clean fungal infections on your nails at home without having to go to the hospital repeatedly.
  • High-efficiency physical therapy without dependence, defeating and killing fungi (root of gray onychomycosis) + inhibiting fungal regeneration (preventing recurrence), using laser photothermal principle to destroy fungal infected tissues, and accelerate and stimulate nail bed growth, and will not be the same as other drugs Create dependence.
  • Intuitive display on the built-in screen: countdown on the built-in screen display, clearly understand the operating time of the machine.
  • One-clip and easy to operate: After clipping the nails on the hands and feet, it can be opened with one button, which is convenient to use.
  • Visible light intuitively perceives the operation of the machine, and the rapid treatment of gray nails can be completed in 7 minutes.

Using the principle of laser photothermal, combined with 905nm infrared cold laser phototherapy and 470nm blue light sterilization, it produces a synergistic effect. Directly targeting the infected nail or toenail of the infected person, the laser penetrates deep into the inner layer of the toenail and the nail bed, etc., to generate heat and destroy the fungal infected tissue; at the same time, it accelerates the speed of the nail bed, stimulates the growth of the nail bed, and removes bacteria at a faster speed. Will not cause ditch nails or damage nails. There are few other methods that provide equally good results. Non-drug use without any dependence.

Model: HZJ-02
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated power: 2.5W
Maximum pulse strength: 22W
Maximum input current: 0.5A
Laser/laser light wavelength: 905nm
Laser/laser lamp bead: 1
Blue light wavelength: 470nm
Blue light beads: 3

Plug: USB charging + 2.5DC round plug
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Battery life: if used twice a day, it can be used for about 15 days

Clip the device to an infected nail, and press and hold the button to turn it on.
Then short press, the indicator light will start blinking and the device will emit a visible blue light.
Start timing, and the device will automatically shut down after 7 minutes of automatic operation.
The device enters standby mode after 7 minutes of operation.
In standby mode, if there is no operation within 1 minute, the device will automatically shut down.
The three-grid power display on the screen will decrease step by step according to the remaining power. When the remaining one grid flashes, it means that the power is too low and needs to be charged. When charging, the power display increases step by step, and when the power display on the screen is full and no longer jumps in a reciprocating cycle, it means that the product is fully charged.

Use cycle: each infected nail should be done at least once a day

Net weight: about 0.07kg
Product size: about 40*71*40mm


  • Please read the instruction manual carefully before use, and use the device in accordance with the safety and operating precautions provided in this instruction manual. Keep the instructions for easy reference at any time.
  • Take care to avoid direct or reflected laser light into the eyes.
  • Pregnant women should not use the device near the abdomen.
  • Please keep the device away from children.
  • Children under 18 years old (over 6 years old) should be treated under adult supervision.
  • Patients with cancer and bleeding disorders are prohibited from using lasers.

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