O2U PUREBED Air Purifier for Infants

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Brand: O2U

Model: O2U-00639

Tags:  Air Purifier

PUREBED, invented and made in Germany, is the world’s first air purifier designed for infants. This innovative product effectively removes harmful particles with up to 95% efficiency in breathing zone.

In just 10 seconds, PUREBED unique Airsphere effect generates a protective space to guard against pollutants, reducing exposure to airborne diseases that trigger asthma and allergies, alleviate respiratory problems and also promotes lung health.


Diffuser technology
The Diffuser technology creates the Airsphere effect, which delivers optimum airflow of clean air and is characterized by superior noise suppression and virtually unnoticeable air draft.
Consequently, the clean air from PUREBED is of low pressure and high volume. Unlike many air purifiers in the market that produce notable noise when in operation, PUREBED delivers cleaned air smoothly.

Nearly silent operation
PUREBED German fan and motor technology has been tested at 39.8(dBA)* and it causes practically no disturbance and its sound pressure level has been tested at the same level as quiet suburban nighttime.
*Test result carried out by HOKLAS Laboratory (Hong Kong) in 2016

Increase air circulation
Opening the windows in a room is a quick way to enhance air circulation. On the contrary, a closed off room where the windows are never open is stuffy. With its advanced design, PUREBED ensures adequate supply of fresh air and can achieve fresh air circulation with windows opened to optimize oxygen level.

No harmful radiation contained
Laboratory test confirmed PUREBED does not cause any harmful radiation in operation.

Innovative engineering & design from Germany
PUREBED is manufactured in a factory near Stuttgart, a German city well-known for manufacturing high-quality and state of the art products. The PUREBED design fits most of baby beds. It is unobtrusive and can be placed in a room.

Easy to change filters and washable diffuser
No tools are required. The diffuser protector and 3D mesh are both easy to clean.


5 steps to install PUREBED

  1. Place the machine under baby bed
  2. Remove the mattress and bumper
  3. Insert the diffuser arms through the bed frame and adjust the diffuser’s position. Make sure it remains above the mattress
  4. Put the strips on the bed frame. Make sure the strips match the diffuser’s attachment points. Remove the protective film from the strips and fix the diffuser holders to the strips
  5. Put the bumper behind the diffuser. Make sure the diffuser and diffuser holders are attached to each other

3 speeds to satisfy your baby’s needs at all times

  • Silent mode
  • Breeze mode
  • Max mode


Machine Dimension (L x W x D) 471 x 386 x 200mm
Diffuser Dimension (L x W x D) 750 x 260 x 10mm
Net Weight 6kg
Speed Control Options Silent/Breeze/Max
Sound Level 39.8 dB(A)
Power Consumption 19.2W
Filter Replacement Indicator Yes
Replacement Filters O2U 2-In-1 Filter
Product Warranty NIL

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