Newtton Heating Packing [FREE Newtton 3-Level Heating Sports Blanket]

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Brand: Newtton

Model: NEWTTON-NT95-1-3

Tags:  Mother & Baby

Newtton 3-Level Control Heating Waist Pad

  • Release negative ions through low pressure heating effect to improve waist microcirculation
  • It has a good relief effect on waist muscle strain, sprain, sciatic nerve, lumbar muscle strain, dysmenorrhea, etc.
  • Apply to the abdomen, it can improve women's menstrual pain, accelerate the elimination of waist and abdomen fat, and shape the body
  • Use high-quality fabrics, skin-friendly and comfortable
  • Can be washed by hand without fading and deformation
  • Low voltage 5v DC, ultra safe, no harmful ionizing radiation
  • Fast heating speed imported from Japan (10 seconds rapid heating)
  • Intelligent constant temperature prevents low-temperature burns
  • 3 segments of intelligent temperature control indicator lights, red (high temperature), blue (medium temperature), green (low temperature)
  • After heating continuously for 2 hours, the power will be cut off automatically.
  • Connect to USB or mobile power (urine bag), the main body is equipped with a mobile power storage bag for portable movement


  • Model:NT95-1
  • Spec: 5VDC/2A
  • Power: 5W
  • Accessories:1.5M USB cable*1
  • Size:110*21cm(Waist) 
  • Material: Elastic cloth + far infrared fiber layer (main body)
  • Japan ultra-low pressure heating element (internal)
  • Suitable for Adult
  • Colour: Black

Newtton 3-Level Control Heating Neck Pad

  • ADJUSTABLE NECK SUPPORT - With an adjustable closure, the wrap is comfortable for all sizes and helps to alleviate posture-related neck issues.
  • 3 HEAT SETTINGS - Illuminated temperature control button: Green: Low Heat 40°C, Blue: Medium Heat 50°C, Red: High Heat 60°C
  • AUTO-SHUT OFF - The Active Heat Neck Wrap will automatically shut-off after 2 hours of use.
  • WIRELESS HEATING - With any USB Power Bank (not included), you'll have the freedom to go where you please without being tied to a power cord.
  • SIZE:73cmx15cm


  • Model: NT95-1
  • Specification: 5VDC/1A
  • Power: 5W
  • Commodity accessories: 1.5M USB cable *1
  • Product specifications: 110*21cm (waist protection)
  • Material: stretch cloth + far infrared fiber layer (main body)
  • Ultra-low pressure heating element imported from Japan (internal)
  • Suitable for: Adult
  • Colour: Black

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