Mobin Portable UV LED Handheld Fan Sterilizer I 3 Levels of Adjustable Natural Wind I Portable Fan

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Brand: Mobin


Tags:  Sanitiser

Products function & Features

  • Multi-function Use: The fan lamp is both a disinfection lamp and a hand-held fan, providing you with coolness and protecting your health!
  • Fan Mode: The fan lamp has 3 levels of adjustable natural wind and the head can adjust the blowing angle by 180°with silent work.
  • Sterilization Lamp Mode:  LED ultraviolet LEDs with 275nm+395nm ultraviolet band features fast disinfection and 99.9% sterilization rate.
  • Long Battery Life: Built-in 2000mA battery, the fan light is USB rechargeable and has long use time.
  • Small and Portable: Weighing only 160g, so you can carry the fan lamp in your bag and enjoy coolness and health at anytime anywhere.

Attention: In the absence of protective measures, UV will cause direct damage to the human body. Do not look at the UVC lamp directly when it is lit. If you have such sympotoms as tingling and discomfort, please seek medical advice in time
Warning: please do not point the ultraviolet lamp at the eyes and skin of people and animals. 

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