JFT BP-161 Single of shoulder Strap Pad - M size

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Brand: JFT

Model: JFT-BP-161

Tags:  Supports & Insoles

Shoulder Strap Pad

The three-dimensional shoulder strap air cushion reduces the contact surface between the shoulder and the shoulder strap, and increases the ventilation area. The "anti-gravity" is generated through the circulation between the airbags, which greatly reduces the sense of weight. More than 90% of the straps on the market can be used. Selected wear resistance Compressed nylon material, super strong compression, light and durable. Decompression 30%. 9 air bags form a group design, allowing different pressures to flow to different places on average. Products are divided into single shoulder and double shoulder wear, and S Code M code

- One side shoulder strap with 36 airbags in 4 groups
- 30% Pressure Reduce
- Prevent shoulder and neck pain caused by back pack
- Prevent Sweating and keep coolling
- Anit Gravity System
- Hand washable
- S/M code can be selected
- Suitable for mountain hikers, student brothers, BB parents, photography enthusiasts and musicians

JFT Shoulder Strap Pad

JFT-BP-161 Shoulder (M size) 802-001
Product size: 26cm x 9cm
Recommended strap width: 3~7.6cm

JFT-BP-162 >> Shoulder (M size) 802-002
Product size: 33.5cm x 8.5cm
Recommended strap width: 3~7.6cm

JFT-BP-163 Shoulder (S size) 802-003
Product size: 27cm x 7.3cm
Recommended strap width: 2~4.6cm

JFT-BP-164 >> Shoulder (S size) 802-004
Product size: 27cm x 6cm
Recommended strap width: 2~4cm

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