IONSPA Bacteriostatic Water Purification Magnetized Ionized Water Shower - Orange

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Tags:  Body Care

IONSPA Bacteriostatic Water Purification Magnetized Ionized Water Shower has 8 filters, using far-infrared antibacterial volcanic ash filtration principle, can filter out impurities and rust in the water pipe, to ensure that the water you use is absolutely clean; the shower head is designed for 382 pcs. 0.25 The water pressure is 3-4 times higher than that of ordinary products, and the water consumption can be saved by about 40%.

Ionspa's patented magnetized water technology, the magnetization treatment will also make the effluent water become highly oxygenated hexagonal anion water. The molecular structure of water becomes smaller, making it easier to clean pores. The KTR test, a recognized organization of the Korean government, also proved that it is effective for scalp cleansing (reducing oil problems, exfoliating) and skin moisturizing!

  • IONSPA patented magnetized water technology 
  • Ionized ultra-fine water molecules can penetrate the pores to clean the scalp, prevent scalp problems and maintain scalp health 
  • Improves skin moisture and enhance skin protection 
  • Can strengthen the water pressure, make the water column stronger and achieve water saving effect 
  • United States FDA first-level medical device certification (US10057944) 
  • Won the WAA Health Care Award from World Rash Association

Make in Korea
Warranty Period : 1 Years

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