Audiopark KOKO 10 In-ear Headphone - Emerald Green

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Brand: Audiopark

Model: KOKO-00638

Tags:  Headphones

Patented A8 technology solves the problem of uneven intensity of magnetic flux. Adopting a revolutionary double magnetic routes, the new design realizes 4D technology (length, width, depth and time). The research breakthrough of A8, which emphasizes on the advantages and downplays the disadvantages of magnet pole and metal ring, truly utilized every component strength and achieves the goals of “noise reduction, low energy consumption and high definition”.

  • A8 speaker is a revolutionary audio device driver
  • The four main cores of acoustics specification are significantly improved, including linearity, motor force, efficiency and impedance
  • Improvements makes perfectly balanced, coordinated and competent audio expression
  • The composition of the speaker has been upgraded and optimized, making an essential change in the performance
  • It performs perfectly in both low and high pitch sound.
  • The tailor-made complex fiber vibrating film has adopted the most powerful magnet N52; as a subversion of traditional structural design, the driving system realizes all potential energy in the speaker.

Product Specifications:

  • Unit: A8 high efficiency moving coil unit
  • Earpiece type: In-ear
  • Plug: gold plated 45 degree plug
  • Input Sensitivity: 132dB / mW
  • Magnet: N52 series
  • Line: 6N copper wire
  • Frequency Range: 10-40,000 Hz
  • Wire type: high purity 6N oxygen-free copper
  • Cable length: 1.1m
  • Impedance: 32Ω ± 15%Audiopark KOKO 10 In-ear Headphone

Audiopark KOKO 10 In-ear Headphone

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