NEWEDO Smart Full Body Composition Analyzer Scale | BMI | Heart Rate | Bone Mass

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  • Photovoltaic panels are combined with lithium batteries for efficient lighting and energy storage. There is no need to buy batteries separately, and no need to plug in for charging. It is completely powered by solar energy.
  • 14 core data + heart rate detection.
  • With a measurement accuracy of 0.05kg, the weight difference of a glass of water can be measured.
  • VA color screen display, intelligent lighting reminder of 50g weight change; four levels of ambient light intensity indication, perception of light changes.
  • The mobile APP interface is simple and easy to understand, customize body shaping plans, record body changes, and provide health advice.
  • One phone can satisfy the whole family, and one mobile app can bind the information of up to 10 people.

Model: CF818BLE
Specifications: white
Material: ABS, stainless steel, tempered glass
Accessories content: product body, instruction manual

Weight: about 1.3kg
Product size: about 290mm*24mm

Charging time: If it is calculated as 35s per use, in an environment where the curtains are open and the lights are not turned on (no direct sunlight), it can be charged for 10 hours for one use; in an environment where it is directly exposed to the sun (light intensity 10000Lux) Leave it for 10 hours, fully charged for 25 times
Battery life: the factory power can be used for 1.5 years (2 times a day, 30 seconds each time)
Charging: the product is automatically charged in a place with light
Bluetooth transmission distance: ≥6m without obstacles
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2
Working voltage: 4.2V
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Working current: ≤30mA
Weighing range: 0.1-180kg
Weighing unit: kg/lb/st (st is only displayed in APP)
Minimum graduation: 0.05kg

Instructions for use/additional product description:
Applicable people (range): All age groups can be weighed (except patients with medical devices such as pacemakers)
How to use (fill in according to the following options):
First scan the QR code or search for healthu in the app store to download the APP
1. Weighing mode (single weight measurement mode):
In the off state, it senses the human body and the weight is greater than or equal to 5kg, automatically starts to weigh, then finds the zero point, and displays 0.00kg after finding the zero, puts on the scale, and weighs. Stable within 3-5S, then lock after flashing 3 times. Shut down within 10 seconds after locking. Before shutting down, the weighing can be repeated, and the weight data on the APP can be changed instantly.
2. Fat measurement mode:
(1) The user stands on the four stainless steel electrodes on the scale surface with bare feet to turn on the scale;
(2) Open the APP on the mobile phone and automatically connect to the scale through Bluetooth. After the connection, the Bluetooth icon on the scale will stop flashing.
(3) After the weighing is locked, the weight flashes 3 times. When running "0", it means that the body composition is being tested. After running "0", upload the measured body composition to the APP.
(4) After the fat measurement is completed, the scale will shut down if there is no operation for about 10 seconds.
3. Heart rate measurement mode: After the fat measurement mode ends, the heart rate icon flashes, indicating that the heart rate is being measured. After the measurement is completed, the heart rate icon is always on, and the measured heart rate value is displayed on the scale end and the measurement result is uploaded to the APP.
4. The display unit of the scale is only kilogram (kg); the APP unit defaults to kg, and the APP can control the scale to switch units of kilogram (kg), pound (lb), and stone (st).
5. Power information: After the mobile phone APP is connected to the scale, the power of the lithium battery at the end of the scale can be obtained in time.

Authorized goods
Warranty Period : 1 Years


1. Please keep the scale on a level and hard place during use. Do not make the scale work in a sudden temperature change environment. The maximum weight to be weighed should not exceed 150% of the rated range to avoid damage to the force-measuring components.
2. The product should be placed in a place with sufficient light and a good environment to ensure that the product can fully receive light.
3. It is recommended that users use this product in an environment where two or more sunshine symbols are lit.
4. If the product is not used for a long time, it is recommended to toggle the switch at the bottom of the machine to OFF.
5. If the power is low, it is recommended to place the product under normal light conditions, and the power can be replenished in time as shown by the four sun icons.
6. Patients with pacemakers and other medical devices in their bodies are prohibited
7. Measurements of professional athletes, children, pregnant women, patients with fever, patients with kidney disease, and patients with osteoporosis will vary greatly (the algorithm is based on the situation of most people, and some extreme cases are not applicable)
8. It is recommended to measure at the same time period and similar physical condition every day, which is more meaningful
9. Avoid taking measurements after strenuous exercise, sauna bathing, intake of large amounts of food and water, and heavy drinking
10. If there is a reading problem when the product is placed on the ground after turning the switch at the bottom of the product, it can be solved after the product turns off the screen and wakes up again

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