JOYTEL - Taiwan 7-Day 4.5G Data SIM|Plug and Play|No registration required|Activate Before:30/12/2023

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- The Sim card has been registered and is ready to use after inserting the card.
- Network provider: Chunghwa Telecom.
- Unlimited speed throughout the entire journey, free data usage.
- This card can be used within Taiwan.
- Valid for 7 days from the day the card is successfully opened.
- Insert the data card after arriving at the destination, and it will be automatically enabled after data roaming is turned on.
- This data card only includes Internet data services and does not support voice calls and text messages.
- Supports mobile hotspot data sharing.
- Supports Facebook, Whatsapp, Google Map, etc.

Activate Before: 30/12/2023

The product picture is a schematic diagram, there may be slight differences between the picture and the actual product, and the final packaging may also be different, the actual product shall prevail
There are many reasons why the Sim card cannot be used, not necessarily the problem of the Sim card itself, so please contact us first.
There is customer service contact information on the outside of the Sim card holder, you can contact customer service via Whats App.

If the guest fails to use the data phone card (SIM card), please check and change the phone settings:
1. Please check whether the reception of the location signal is good.
2. Please check if "Data Roaming" is enabled on your phone. (if needed)
3. Please set the APN (Phone Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point/APN). (if needed)
4. Please manually select a mobile data network provider (try each network provider one by one, please wait patiently). if needed)
5. If you cannot access the Internet normally, please restart your phone.

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