Meresoy Pro 30 Wireless Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Professional Preclusive Massage
This deep tissue massage delivers stroke into muscles, which produce soften stiff muscle, improve blood flow and range of motion also helps to get rid of fatigue result in a relaxing effect, makes you feel better and relaxed.

Fast & Effective Massager
Built-in 2500mAh rechargeable Long-Lasting lithium battery, last about 4-6 hours with once charge.

Powerful & Multi-functional
Brushless high-torque motor with a powerful blow, 30 different speed levels 1200 - 3200 RPM, meet your various muscle relaxation needs.

Lightweight & Quiet
Weight around 2.1lbs, easy to grab and operate, and feel comfortable in your hand. Military cutting-edge noise reduction technology, ensure a silent environment of low DB (35-50db).

6 Type of Massage Head including

  • 1 X Round head: Suitable for large muscle groups such as arms, back, hips, thighs, calves.
  • 1 X Fork head: Suitable for neck, spine, Achilles, tendon.
  • 1 X Flat head: Used for body massage and to help shape the muscles of the body relax.
  • 1 X Golden finger head: for impact deep tissue, such as meridian, palm, foot bottom.
  • 1 X Adze head: Used for sculpting and relaxing the abdominal muscles and pain point massage
  • 1 X Bullet head: Suitable for impacting deep tissue meridians, palms, soles, etc

- Use: Only for soft tissue. Increases blood flow, and optimizes recovery. Achieve the same results as few as hours of hand massage in just a few minutes!
- It is advisable to use the same part multiple times for a total time of 3-5 minutes, and walk-in different positions according to the muscle texture. Generally, there is no need to apply too much external pressure, and it is good to keep the soreness at 6-8 minutes.
- Please stop using if you feel uncomfortable, and consult a physician for further advise

Display machine (14-day maintenance included) Meresoy mini massage gun
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【Product Features】 Muscle Soreness Relieves:Meresoy massage machine helps for relieves tight m..

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