We Are Professionals

Our team has more than 10 years of e-commerce experience. We provide professional and excellent customer services.

Shop Experiences

Our mobiCares Customer Centre is located at Kwun Tong which provides one-to-one sales and services with order redemption to enhance customer confidence and convenience.

About Us

mobiCares was founded in May 2000.


Our Partners

AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. German Pool (HK) Ltd. Opal Health Australian Co. Ltd. Topman Consulting Co.
Aitkenson International (Far East) Ltd Goldsmith Co. Ltd. Pacific First Group Ltd. Trellix International Ltd.
Arixia Ltd. Good Century Holdings Ltd Partner World Co. Ltd. Union Duty-free Ltd.
Audiopark Co. Ltd. Hantin Food Co. Ltd. PCCW Ecommerce Technology Ltd. Winner Smart International Ltd.
Ausca Food & Wines Ltd. Health Smart Ltd Plurecil Holdings Ltd. Wise Nine Ltd.
Australian By Nature Pty Ltd Healthy Giant Ltd. Pure Performance Distribution Ltd. Yahoo Hong Kong Ltd.
Backers Ltd. Hong Kong Lava Holdings Co. Ltd. Redbus Productions Ltd. YuricaCosmetic LTD
Citistore Hong Kong TV Shopping Network Co. Ltd. Spartan International Limited  
DR. Jeff Wisecare Ltd. Jitney Flagon Ltd. Tasty Group Ltd.  
DRAN CO.,Ltd. Leader Radio Technologies Ltd. The Collaboration Success Ltd.  
Fingershopping Ltd. Miley Investment Ltd. The Honey Store (New Zealand) Ltd.  
Founder Globaltech Ltd O2U Ltd. The Sincere Co. Ltd.  
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