JUJY Aqua Peeling cleaning machine - Moisturizing Essence 200ml

Improve roughness, tender and smooth Moisturizing essence water, moisturizing and hydrating, form..

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JUJY Enhanced Ultrasonic Radio Frequency Slimming & Beauty Machine Pro - Silky Body Cream 120g

Rejuvenate the youthful energy of the skin, relieve dryness, soft and supple, firm and line Skin ..

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JUJY IPL Painless Professional Epilator - Aloe Vera Gel 120g

Soothes skin, moisturizes Rich in aloe vera essence and a variety of moisturizing ingredients, it..

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JUJY Moisturizing Gel 50g|JUJY Face Beauty Device use

Moisturizes and protects the skin, locks in moisture and moisturizes, improves dry and rough skin, r..

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