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Yohome 3 in 1 folding disinfection dryer

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Brand: Yohome


Tags:  Laundry

Package contents: Disinfection dryer, dust bag, British regulatory line, manual
Product power: 100W
Power supply voltage: 220V/50Hz
Waterproof level: IPX1
Product folding size: 265mm*265mm*76mm
Product unfolding size: 265mm*265mm*200mm
Product Net Weight: 0.97kg

How to use: 1. Remove the top host and remove the bracket. 2. Press the inner base with one hand, and hold the upper cover with one hand, and firmly open the folding silicone. 3. Open the three supporting feet of the bracket and place it on the base. 4. Place the items that need to be dried and sterilized on the bracket (if the baby bottle is dried and disinfected, the bracket is not required). 5. Cover the top host, plug in the power, click the switch, select the corresponding mode, adjust the gear, and you can start working. 6. After stopping work, open the cover and take out the items. (The steps of disinfection and aseptic storage are the same as above).

Note: After use, store in a dry place. Please keep away from water.
Function Description:
1. Drying and disinfection function: The default time of the drying and disinfection function is 3 hours. Each click increases by 1 hour, and the maximum drying and disinfection time is 8 hours. The 8-hour gear is clicked again and returns to the default 3 hours. Dry first and then sterilize. The UV lamp beads are disinfected in the last 30 minutes of each gear.
2. Purple light disinfection function: the default time is 30 minutes, each click increases by 30 minutes, and it can be disinfected for a maximum of 3 hours. After 3 hours of operation, the gear clicks again and returns to the default 30 minutes.
3. Aseptic storage function: Aseptic storage defaults to 48 hours, the countdown display time, every two hours of ultraviolet lamp bead irradiation for 20 minutes, 48 ​​hours will automatically stop.

Main material: ABS+soft glue

1. The working environment of this product must be far away from the place with water source. Before placing items, the power plug of the product must be kept dry; before the product is connected to the power, please keep your hands dry before operation to avoid electric shock accidents.
2. Before the product is turned on, please make sure that the air inlet is not covered or blocked by foreign objects, to ensure that good air circulation conditions are formed in the clothes during the drying process, so as not to affect the work effect of the product or cause overheat protection and shut down.
3. Applicable items: underwear, socks, thin vests and other small and light personal clothes; baby bottles, children's toys and other mother and baby supplies; towels, bath towels and other toiletries; makeup brushes, beauty eggs and other beauty tools; watches, glasses, Jewelry, etc. Do not dry clothes with poor heat resistance, air-impermeable clothes, rubber-treated clothes, fine clothes (silk, down), and clothes with flammable liquids.
4. Do not use the product in a wardrobe or a closed environment, so as to avoid downtime due to poor product operation or overheating protection caused by non-air circulation.
5. The product must not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time to avoid accelerated aging of product materials and affect product life.
6. This machine has the function of stopping when opening the cover, but when the UV lamp beads are working, please do not open the cover to touch with your hands or look directly at the UV lamp beads with your eyes to avoid damage to the skin and eyes.
7. If the power cord is damaged, you must stop using it and contact the after-sales maintenance center to solve it.
8. If the product is abnormal and cannot work normally, please turn off the power immediately, and contact the after-sales maintenance center to solve it. Do not disassemble and replace parts without authorization.
9. This product can only be used for drying and sterilizing some items, and cannot be used for electric heaters, electric cylinders, purifiers and other purposes.


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