Pingo Wireless Styling Comb - White

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Brand: Pingo


Tags:  Hair Dryer & Straightener & Curler

Product Name: PINGO Taiwan MEN U2 USB wireless styling comb

Product Details:

  1. Product features: USB charging, groom anytime, anywhere; suitable for a variety of hair, smooth, fluffy, bangs, etc., a variety of shapes; 3D tooth comb, easy to operate is not hot.
  2. How to use: 1) Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on the LED temperature control indicator light from red to green (about 2-5 minutes), then use; 2) First comb the hair, grab the appropriate hair piece to be placed in the tooth comb, slide slowly from the root to the tail, and rotate the outer comb slightly inward, which is naturally fluffy; 3) In order to ensure safe use, it cannot be used during charging; 4) Remember to turn off the power after use, and then store it after cooling.
  3. Battery use recommendations: This product is a lithium battery product, which is the same as the mobile phone battery. In order to extend the battery life, it is not recommended to continue to use the battery below 30%.

Color: black and white

  • Model: U2
  • Body total length: 22cm
  • Weight: about 118g
  • Charging Input voltage: 5V1A
  • Battery capacity: 2200MA
  • Temperature: 200 ° C
  • Charging time: ≤3 charging hours, 40 minutes (the actual time will vary due to different temperatures)
  • Accessories: USB charging cable + storage bag

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