Pingo U1 Quick Charge Wireless Long Straight Hair Clip

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Brand: Pingo

Model: PINGO-U1

Tags:  Hair Dryer & Straightener & Curler


Small shape, only 170g, skin-friendly
Fully charged within 2 hours of fast charging, up to 40min in standby

Three levels of temperature control, fast heat, high temperature, different hair types can also change the style, make up your hair anytime, anywhere!


Name: Taiwan Pingo U1 Wireless Long Straight Hair Clip

Made in China


. Lightweight body: 178g ultra-lightweight body, lighter than mobile phones, no burden to carry.

. Wireless design: When you go out, you can also make Korean girls' hairstyles anytime, anywhere.

. Fast charging: Support 5V/2A output charging (need to match 5V/2A plug), greatly reducing the charging time.

. Ultra-high battery life

. Power bank/USB car charger/USB socket can be recharged

. Three-stage temperature control

. Rapid heating


Imitation of overseas shipments, I am afraid that it does not comply with regulations and the quality is poor! The electrical appliances on this site are in compliance with Taiwan Commodity Inspection, so it is more secure to use.


Maintenance period: one year

Unit of measurement: Taiwan

Model: Pingo U1

Color: pink

Main material: PET+30%GF/aluminum

Product power: 25W

Charging parameters: 5V/2A

Battery capacity: 3200mAh

Heating temperature: 180℃ 200℃ 230℃ Reaching 50 degrees takes 10 seconds Reaching 100 degrees takes 25 seconds

Charging time: 2 hours, red light when charging, green light when fully charged

Usage time: After fully charged, the maximum heat can be used for up to 40min

Net weight: 178g

Product gross weight: 310g

Product size: 65mm*240mm*50mm


How to use:

. Press and hold the styling clip for a long time to start 2. Select a suitable temperature and preheat after booting, fine and soft hair -180 ℃, ordinary hair -200 ℃, coarse hair -230 ℃

. Press and hold the switch for 2 seconds to turn on/off, the initial startup temperature is 180℃, and press the switch to increase the temperature by one step at a time, which is 180℃-200℃-230℃.

. The LED temperature indicator is blue. When the temperature does not reach the specified temperature, the LED indicator will flash; when the temperature reaches the specified temperature, the LED indicator will be constantly on.

. Low battery indicator: When the battery is less than 20%, the LED indicator will flash red.

. This product cannot be turned on during charging. Due to safety considerations, it cannot be used during charging.



●Do not use other power cords to use this product

●Please keep the machine in a dry state thoroughly before use, away from water sources, and do not fall into the water

●Do not use this product when the bathroom and hands are wet, or let this product get wet

●Do not leave by yourself after starting this product, do not put it directly on the surface of any object; and please leave it to cool before storing it

●It is forbidden to contact the product's heating plate with eyes and exposed skin during use

●When children, slow-moving and physically and mentally disabled people use this product, please be sure to give instructions and pay close attention

●Do not turn on the power when charging

●Regular maintenance and cleaning to avoid affecting the function of electrical appliances. Before cleaning this appliance, it must be allowed to stand and cool, and the product should be cleaned with a sponge or a damp cloth. Never use harsh cleaners, abrasive solvents or lotions, or immerse the product in water for cleaning.

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