Mirang Ms Neck Neck Skin Therapist

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Brand: Mirang


Tags:  Beauty Device


Ms Neck sharpen your jawline and have a slim neckline, just wear it. It works it out itself in a crisp manner!

Color Therapy
Red:Enhances the collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid regeneration for anti-wrinkles
Blue:Keeps your skin stable amd smooth through bacteria sterilizing
IR:Penetrate into the subcutaneous fat inside the skin to enhance sharpening outlines

Helps the active princple of the cosmetics get penetrated into the dermis

Vibration Therapy
Brings skin lifting effects by contracting and relaxing


Sticks to the neck and the chin to make it comfortable

It has been designed through a great deal of tests over a various type of faces so as to allow people of all ages and both sexes to have comfortable wearing experiences.

There provided bands, in addition, for neck and chin. You don’t have to bother adjusting it every time you apply it to a different area, you may instead simply replace them.

The super controller that can be used as a Galvanic beauty apparatus

Get the main body connected to the controller and then adjust the mode by using the mode button. Get the vibration level adjusted at the code by using the level button. If you press the Face button while running the
product, the Galvanic and the vibration get activated on the massage head part of the controller. It is a massages apparatus of which the controller can get the Galvanic and the vibration activated even when it is not connected to the main body.

Made in Korea

One year warranty


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