(New) Lowra rouge Negative Ion Dryer-White

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Brand: Lowra rouge


Tags:  Hair Dryer & Straightener & Curler

Product Features:
Electric hair dryer is one of the household appliances commonly used by pregnant women and children. High-energy electromagnetic radiation cylinders can cause irreversible effects on the scalp and hair roots, which may cause hair follicles die, dry hair, and fragile hair. 
Lowra Rouge is a Japan's exclusive patented technology. By modifying the structure of the electric air-tube movement, the air vent is close to zero radiation characteristics, which meets international health regulations, Pregnant women and children can use high-pressure moist negative ions, and negative ions penetrate into the gap between the hair scales. Fully replenish moisture to the hair, making the hair shiny and smooth.
The negative ion generator carried on the handle can release the negative ions of the macromolecular group and collide with the ceramic block at the air vent to instantly form a small negative ion cluster of 6000W concentration, cover the hair, repair the fragile hair, and strongly lock the moisture and so smoothen and nourish the hair, say goodbye to dry hair!

​1. Benefits:Low electromagnetic radiation, High moisture anion smoothen the hair, Far infrared rays dry quickly
2. Charging time: no need to charge
3. How to use:se a towel to completely wipe off the moisture on your hair, then use your fingers to comb the hair while drying the entire hair with warm air.
4. Applicable scope: Hair
5. Suitable to dry hair


  • Charging time: no need to charge

Other Information:

  • Product Origin: Made in China, Japanese Technology
  • Product Model: CL-202
  • Plug:UK Adapter (three flat pin)
  • Color: Classic white/ Vintage red
  • Weight: 530g 
  • Product packaging: box
  • Product material: PC material
  • Product voltage (specify socket type): 220V-240V
  • Maximum power: 1200W
  • Rated frequency: 50HZ
  • Line length: 1.8M
  • Product Warranty: 1 year
  • Handle folding: foldable
  • Accessories (accessories): 1 air collector


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