INJOY Health - Weight Control - 40 tablets

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Brand: Injoy Health

Model: INJOY-WC-40T

Tags:  Inner Beauty




A scientific phytocomplex formula of patented bio-tech ingredients to promote weight loss and build healthy body shape by removing excessive fat from the body. Reduce visceral fats and stubborn adipose in order to support building healthy body shape inside out.


After taking Weight Control for continuous period of time, you will feel:

  • Higher vitality because of metabolism improvement
  • Improve in overall health and feeling lighter because of visceral fat reduction
  • Healthy and firm body shape due to body fat ratio reduction
  • Reduction in body weight together with the support of low sugar and low carbohydrate diet


Health Tips:

  • Low sugar and low carbohydrate diet (especially dinner)
  • Daily exercise for 30 minutes
  • Drink 8 glasses of water everyday
  • Continue recommended dosage for at least 2 months with Fat remover for optimal result


Suitable for

  • Individuals with stubborn adipose
  • Individuals who wants to have better and healthier body shape 
  • Individuals with high body fat ratio and high visceral fat/overweight
  • 12 years old or above


  • Take 1 tablet at 10am and 1 tablet at 5pm;
  • Or take 2 tablets at 10am and 2 tablets at 5pm for faster effect

Origin of product: Europe



  • Non-GMO
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22000


Detailed ingredients:

  • Oxicyan: phytocomplex based on spirulina phycocyanine and cranberry anthocyanins which has been proven for its antioxidant activity in activating repair and rebuild cells.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: The active ingredients obtained from Garcinia cambogia fruit skin, contains calcium, carbohydrates, and an acid called Hydroxycitric (HCA). These enable the reduction in synthesis of fatty acids and to stimulate the sense of satiety.
  • Artichoke dry extract to chlorogenic acid: Its function is to convert stored fat into energy increases our body's metabolism accordingly, which also increase the fat burning process.
  • Coleus Forskolhii: It act as bronchodilator and performs cardiotonic action and is therefore a valuable aid in slimming diets, it helps to lose weight because it stimulates the thermogenesis of adipose tissue. Coleus inhibits the synthesis of fatty acids in adipocytes: in this way, lipolytic activity improves and thyroid hormones are stimulated.
  • Chromium: Increased functional insulin activity and improved lipid profile. 
  • Vitamin B Complex including B2, B3, B6, B12: Vitamins to improve cell metabolism and overall body health


Nutritional information:

Servings per package: 40

Serving size: 1 tablet

Per serving


0.19 Kcal

Total fat

0 mg

  • Saturated fat

0 mg

  • Trans fat

0 mg


0 mg


50 mg

  • Dietary Fibre

0 mg

  • Sugars

50 mg


0 mg


10 mg

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