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GKXK Sakura Foot Massage Pad

  • HKD399HKD358

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Brand: GKXK


Tags:  Beauty Device


Exercise massage is done in one step, EMS low frequency drives the feet and feet exercise, awakens muscle vitality, and reshapes the legs.
15 levels of intensity adjustment, 6 massage modes, fully suitable for your own situation, remote control and remote operation, easy to lose weight
Light-skin PU material, soft rolled up and easy to store, portable and does not occupy any space, the thickness is only 4.5mm
Detachable host, safe charging, 5h continuous use and long standby, the host can be used with other GKXK EMS products

Place the foot pads on a flat place and buckle the host on the corresponding position
Put the foot on the pedicure pad, press and hold the key for 1 second to turn on, and the EMS current starts to operate
You can press the plus and minus keys to adjust the intensity, short press the switch key to adjust the mode
Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn off the host, store the product in a dry and dark place, away from water

Instructions reminder:

  • The host is always turned on within 1 second by pressing the button, the yellow light is flashing, and the buzzer is ticking: if it touches the human body, the yellow light is always on, and the buzzer does not sound; if you leave the human body, the yellow light is flashing and the buzzer is ticking.
  • Press the /- key to adjust the intensity. The yellow light flashes once and the buzzer beeps once. The yellow light does not turn on when the host is working, and the buzzer does not sound
  • Gear protection: There is no response when the /- key is pressed after the gear is full. (Yellow light does not turn on, buzzer does not sound)
  • Disconnect the main unit and the foot pads: the yellow light is flashing (no function output), the buzzer is ticking, and it will automatically shut down within 60 seconds.
  • If the product is separated from the product when it is turned on and in use, it will return to mode 1 by default, with no function output.
  • There are 6 separate massage modes, each with 15 intensity levels, each mode will automatically stop and shut down after 30 minutes of independent operation.
  • When charging: red light is always flashing, fully charged: red light is always on, press and hold the key for 3 seconds to shut down. After the product is turned on, if you do not use it for a long time, you need to pay attention to the host to be charged once every 3 months to prevent the product from circuit problems.

*Do not use this product with the following medical electronic equipment at the same time, otherwise it may cause serious damage to the body.

1. Implantable medical electronic devices such as cardiac pacemakers
2. Artificial heart and lungs and other medical electronic equipment used to sustain life
3. Wearable medical electronic equipment such as electrocardiograph

*The following people are prohibited from using this product
1. Heart disease patients
2. Pregnant women and lactating women

●This product cannot treat undiagnosed pain. Consult a doctor before using it
●Can not be used on the face, heart, sensitive parts and around infected skin
●Do not use this product in a humid space, such as a bathroom
●Under special circumstances, it is recommended to use under the supervision of a physical therapist
●If you want to obtain other therapeutic effects, please consult the relevant doctor before use
●For safety, do not use it while sleeping
●Do not let the product contact jewelry metal objects
●If the product fails, please do not use it without authorization

*People with the following conditions must consult a doctor before using the product
● Any physical discomfort
●There are problems with arrhythmia or a history of heart disease
●Persons with leg injuries
●Patients with epilepsy
●Patients with fever (above 38°C)
●Patients being treated in medical institutions
●Patients with metal objects implanted in their bodies
●People with allergies
●Cancer patients

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