Earth Harvest Superfoods Raw & Organic Tea Tree Mushroom 120g

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Brand: Earth Harvest


Delicious and Healthy Earth Harvest Superfoods organic edible mushrooms ~ 
Earth Harvest Superfoods Raw & Organic Tea Tree Mushroom

  • Tea tree mushroom is a pure natural pollution-free health edible fungus that integrates high protein, low fat, low sugar content, and health food therapy. Tea tree mushroom has a unique taste, crisp and refreshing when eaten fresh, and tender and delicious. The dry product has a strong aroma of butter biscuits. The fragrance is rich, and the soup is cooked and fried, and the aftertaste is endless.
  • As a kind of fungus food, tea tree mushroom is very popular among people. It is a good choice whether to use tea tree mushrooms for soup or stir-fry.

Why is vitality/raw food so important?

  • Because they are all foods manufactured without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, chemical additives, preservative treatments and high temperatures.
  • If they enter the human body, they may accumulate and it is not easy to eliminate them, increase the load of the liver, and make the blood (PH) value sour, resulting in sub-health.

Edible method:

  • Rinse the tea wood mushrooms with clear water once and soak them in water for about 35 minutes. When cooking, put the tea wood mushrooms and the soaking water into the broth. It can also be stir-fried, chilled and rinsed.

Cool place at room temperature

Earth Harvest Superfoods series is beautifully packaged, the series includes:
Organic edible fungus series (Shiitake Mushrooms,  Wood Ear Mushroom, Tremella Fuciformis, Boletus, Hericium Erinaceum...)

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