belulu Premium IPL RF Lifting Facial Beauty Device - Pink

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Brand: belulu


Tags:  Beauty Device

Enjoy beauty salon-level treatments at home, with six major beauty functions!
including electroporation, needleless plastic, EMS, RF radio frequency and vibration massage

- Teardrop-shaped massage head fits facial details such as facial lines, lips, eyes, etc., while firming skin for easy care
- Electroporation deep introduction, no need to inject beauty nutrients into muscle bottom
  The special bead current can be introduced into the dermis through polymers such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which are difficult to penetrate into the subcutaneous area.
- Needle-free beauty plastic and electroporation can introduce beauty nutrients into the muscle floor without injection. Needle-free beauty plastics can be imported more widely, and almost all kinds of beauty liquids can be imported.
- EMS stimulates muscles to produce movement, tightens expression muscles and law lines, achieves lifting and firming, and restores skin elasticity
- Soften the skin by vibration, speed up blood circulation, and quickly penetrate the beauty nutrients of the beauty liquid to the bottom of the muscle
- RF stimulates the internal temperature of the skin by stimulating the muscles, which warms up the metabolism Relaxed skin can also recover elasticity due to reduced collagen, lifting and tightening the face to tighten pores and brighten skin tone
- There are four types of colored light: LED photon skin rejuvenation lamp irradiates the skin, which is a beauty way to produce a cosmetic effect on the skin
  Different colored light wavelengths are different, which play a certain role in treating common skin problems such as color shift, acne, acne marks, fine lines and dark skin.
- Color light mode includes red light, blue light, yellow light, mixed light (three color lights light up together)
- Comes with Jinbo Hyaluronic Acid Serum
- Made in Japan

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