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Brand: belulu


Tags:  Beauty Device


belulu Classy Ultrasonic Facial Beauty Device  -  It has 5 major functions: iontophoresis, ion export, vibration massage, ultrasound, photon rejuvenation (red light, green light, blue light). You can also enjoy ultrasonic iontophoresis and LED light beauty at home. The revolutionary ion and ultrasonic dual export and import, high cost performance, can meet the daily care needs, and effectively enhance the elasticity, gloss and transparency.


-Equipped with five major functions, ion introduction, ion export, vibration massage, ultrasound and photon rejuvenation (red light, green light, blue light)
 -Comes with Jinbo Hyaluronic Acid Essence (Belulu Beauty Serum validity period: three years after opening)
 -Ion export (deep cleaning) can avoid deep dirt that cannot be washed off by hand washing, export can absorb negative factors
   The cosmetic residue and other dirty things are more effective than hand-washing cleansing. After the pores are opened, the negative ions are introduced into the beauty liquid, and the skin absorbs better
 -Iontophoresis + vibration massage ionize the beauty essence ingredients into a form that is easily absorbed by the skin, and then introduce it to the deep layer of the skin
   It is most effective for the introduction of whitening ingredients such as micromole hyaluronic acid and vitamin C derivatives
   In addition, iontophoresis and vibration massage are carried out at the same time, vibration massage can soften the skin, and the combination of the two will double the absorption effect.
   3 million ultrasonic vibrations per second, up to 10mm under the skin, effectively remove skin keratin and deep oil
   Promote skin blood circulation, speed up metabolism, expel excess dirt, restore healthy skin
 -LED light for skin rejuvenation, with three-color skin rejuvenation light, effective for different skin problems
   The light particles (electrons) emitted by the LED light can effectively activate the deep cells of the skin.
   LED lights do not contain ultraviolet rays that cause skin problems, do not heat up and do not increase the burden on the skin, and are used in many beauty salons.
   Red light: It can promote the regeneration of skin collagen, thereby improving skin wrinkles, sagging and other problems
   Blue light: The active acid that eliminates the cause of acne, and is most suitable for improving fatty skin
   Green light: can improve skin pigmentation and brighten skin
 -The duration of facial maintenance for each mode is ten minutes
 -After turning on the power, the LCD screen will display the time, and the power will be automatically cut off after ten minutes
 -Made in Japan


*The product does not have AC adapter, please check the Hong Kong agent website for the Chinese manual

Product specification
Dimensions: H180 × W45 × D35 mm
Weight: about 100g
Voltage: AC100V~240V
Battery: built-in lithium battery
Ultrasonic frequency: 3MHZ (about 3 million times/sec)

Authorized goods
Warranty Period : 1 Years

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