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belulu AquaRufa Water Peeling Care Device - Pink

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Brand: belulu


Tags:  Beauty Device


Japanese beauty artifact belulu AquaRufa ultrasonic ion vibration export to introduce the shovel skin artifact What is the magic?

Features :
Ultrasonic ion export

The ultrasonic high-frequency vibration is used to instantaneously atomize the water, and the atomized water removes the dirt, thereby achieving the cleansing effect.
※ It is recommended to use after bathing, the effect is better.

Ultrasonic iontophoresis
Under the guidance of ultrasound and ions, the beauty liquid can directly reach the bottom of the skin. Compared with the traditional method of tapping the beauty liquid through the palm, the penetration ismore deep and the absorption is more efficient.
※Because of its strong permeability, it is recommended to use a high-concentration beauty solution that is purely natural and not added.
 It is strongly recommended to use belulu-specific beauty lotion.

EMS micro current
There is a microbial current in the human body. By emitting a moderate microcurrent similar to the human microcurrent, it can promote skin activation and make the skin elastic and shiny.

Vibration massage
Accelerate the absorption of beauty ingredients, improve blood circulation, and discharge excess water and waste to give your skin a natural glow.

- Free combination mode -
Water bath cleansing mode: ultrasonic ion export (can be combined with vibration massage)
Deep moisturizing mode: ultrasonic iontophoresis (can be combined with vibration massage)
Lifting and tightening mode: EMS micro current (can be combined with vibration massage)

The difference between ordinary cleansing and exfoliating products
Cleansing products: just clean the surface of the dust, and exfoliating is almost just tickle
Exfoliating cream: coarse particles are easy to hurt the skin or exfoliation is not completely uneven

And this product is multi-purpose, can achieve a number of skin-beautifying effects:

1. For acne, intractable blackheads, deep cleansing, stubborn blackheads, completely resolved after 3-4 times
2. Remove the dead skin, clean the skin excess horny
3. Break down melanin, dilute melanin, remove melanin
4. Nutrient introduction, deep moisturizing, moisturizing skin
5. Lifting firming, make the skin elastic

Charging type
It can be used directly after being fully charged, or it can be directly plugged in. The appearance is small and stylish, light and portable.

Try to drop a few drops of water on the probe, press the switch, turn on the ultrasonic export cleaning mode, and you will find that the water mist is like a small musical fountain.
Using an infrared thermometer to test the probe temperature, it is found that the temperature is almost unchanged, because these water mists are not thermal water vapor, but atomized water generated by ultrasonic waves.So there is no need to worry about getting hot and hurting the skin, and only water and ultrasound work, there will be no pain.

The surface of the probe is made of Japan Airlines special steel, which is of medical grade and is known for its non-allergenic, scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties. The concave and convex curved design that fits the lines of the face an also remove the dirt and keratin on both sides of the nose.

How to use​
Basic method * Complete one-button operation, easy to understand. Just ordinary pure water, you can get the skin and skin effect*
1. Clean the facial skin, wipe off the remaining water, apply lotion or spray ordinary water.
2. Start the power supply: remove the protective sleeve, long press the power button for more than 2 seconds, the work indicator lights up to start working
3, Start the water bath clean skin mode: Use the ultrasonic ion cleaning function: press the power button once, the soft peel&cleansing indicator flashes. Hold the metal strips on both sides and slide the probe back and forth across the face.
Use in combination with vibration massage: Press the power button again, the soft peel&cleansing indicator lights up.
4. Wipe off the remaining water or lotion after the water bath cleansing mode, and then apply the beauty liquid, essence and so on to the probe or face.
5. Start the nutrition import mode: use the ultrasonic ion import function: Continue to press the power button once, the Nutrition indicator flashes. Hold the metal strips on both sides and slide the probe back and forth across the face.Use in conjunction with vibration massage: Press the power button again and the Nutrition indicator will light up.
6. Start the lifting and tightening mode and use the EMS micro current function: Continue to press the power button once and the lifting indicator flashes. Hold the metal strips on both sides and slide the probe back and forth across the face. Use with vibration massage: Press the power button again, the lifting indicator lights up.
7. Shutdown : long press the power button for more than 2 seconds, or automatically shut down after 10 minutes of static
※ Skin Care Tips: Use the front and back of the metal plate probe

*The product does not have AC adapter, please check the Hong Kong agent website for the Chinese manual.

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