3HK 395Days 10GB+5GB International Supreme Mobile Data Prepaid Card|DATA SIM|Activate Before: 30/06/2024|China|HongKong|Macau|Taiwan

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Brand: 3HK

Model: SIHUT-SUPR10G198

3HK 15GB Hong Kong / China / Macau / Taiwan (One Card Two Numbers - Can apply Mainland China Number $19/30Days)
-10GB: Hong Kong / China / Macau / Taiwan (shared 10GB mobile data)
-5GB: 5 major social networks (share 5GB mobile data)
"Top 5 social networks" include: Whatsapp, Wechat, Facebook, Line, Instragram

Once the SIM card is inserted into the phone it can be enabled:
- For use in China/Taiwan/Macau: Please enable data roaming in phone settings
-Use in Hong Kong: Real-name registration must be completed before starting the service.

The SIM card is valid for 395 days from the activation date
Network: China - China Unicom, Hong Kong - THREE HK, Macau - THREE MACAU, Taiwan - Far EasTone
Free 2,000 minutes of Hong Kong local calls
Hong Kong internet speed up to 42Mbps
Users in mainland China can use various websites and apps without overpassing the firewall
HK$20 local stored value will be given after activation, which can be used to make local calls or return to Hong Kong when roaming
It can be used for value-added. After value-added, you can reapply for this plan (365 days) or other plans
Free 1,000 minutes of local calls for every top-up of $80 or above
3 in 1 SIM card
available for data sharing
For Smartphones / Tablets

Activate Before: 30/06/2024

Some older models of phones may require APN settings. Data Service Access Point (APN) Settings:
IOS: Go to "Settings" > Press "Mobile Network" > Press "Mobile Data Options" > Press "Mobile Data Network" > Enter "mobile.lte.three.com.hk" in the APN field under [Mobile Data]
Android: Go to "Settings" > Click "Mobile Networks" > Click "Access Point Name [APN]" > Click [Add APN] In the [Name] column, enter "mobile.lte.three.com.hk"

Please use the links below to check your prepaid card usage and balance:
All information is provided by 3HK, and all terms and conditions are subject to 3HK

The product picture is a schematic diagram, there may be slight differences between the picture and the actual product, and the final packaging may also be different, the actual product shall prevail
There are many reasons why the Sim card cannot be used, not necessarily the problem of the Sim card itself, so please contact us first.
There is customer service contact information on the outside of the Sim card holder, you can contact customer service via Whats App.

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